What is a solar battery charger and what are the best solar battery chargers on the market in 2018?

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Solar energy uses often expand beyond what people consider. Harnessing the sun's power isn't limited to solar panels for commercial and residential use, and battery chargers are the perfect example of how solar energy can benefit you in numerous ways while outside the home. Battery chargers may just be the next best thing in terms of practical applications. Not only are battery chargers capable of charging small devices or things like lawnmowers and laptops, but batteries for cars, RVs, and boats as well.

What is a solar battery charger?
Portable solar battery chargers use the sun's power to supply electricity to devices or to charge batteries. Charging is often indirect - meaning the solar battery chargers don't directly charge the battery - but instead, charge their own chemical or lithium-ion batteries through solar modules, and redistribute their charge to your battery/gadget. One of the main benefits is that no external electrical source is required.

What can you use a solar battery charger for?
Anyone from outdoor enthusiasts to people who work with autos find excellent uses for solar battery chargers. You can charge flashlights, phones, tablets, laptops, car, boat, and RV batteries, and GPS systems. The key is being in places where you can rely on at least a couple hours of sunlight each day. As technology improves, we are likely to see further uses, more efficiency, and expanded capabilities.

It's important to note that battery chargers have a wide variety of uses, so knowing what you need is essential to find one that is best for you and your situation, device, or battery. For example, there are many levels to choosing a solar battery charger for cars. People will need to research voltage needs, but in general, it will be between 6V and 24V, whether you want a normal solar car battery charger or a trickle charger (note that trickle chargers are ideal for RVs), or whether you need a jump start feature. You'll also want to consider charge controllers and power.

Due diligence is essential when picking a solar battery charger. Ask yourself:

  • What do I want to charge?
  • How fast do I want things to charge?
  • Do I want to charge multiple devices at the same time?
  • How portable do I need the solar battery charger to be?
  • Do I want individual solar battery chargers for each prospective use or one that serves multiple purposes?

Other things to consider are making sure it's waterproof if it is used for a boat, or dust-proof if for camping and hiking. There are even solar battery chargers that are better for low-light or cloudy situations. You can narrow down your search by getting specific about what role your solar battery charger is going to play.

What are some of the best solar battery chargers for cars?
SUNER POWER BC-6W Poly Solar Battery Trickle Charger and Maintainer
SUNER POWER BC-8W Mon Solar Battery Charger and Maintainer
SUNER POWER BC-2.4W Amorphous Solar Battery Charger and Maintainer

What are some of the best solar battery chargers for RVs?
SUNER POWER BC-12W Poly Solar Battery Trickle Charger and Maintainer
SUNER POWER BC-14W Mon Solar Battery Charger and Maintainer
SUNER POWER BC-4.8W Amorphous Solar Battery Charger and Maintainer

Another consideration for RVs is portable solar panels. It takes some legwork and math to figure out your requirements, but it can be a great way to camp and travel without needing an electrical source other than the sun.

What are some of the best solar battery chargers for equipment, electronics, and personal devices?
SUNER POWER SP-10W Solar Panel Kit with 12V/24V 10A Charge Controller
SUNER POWER SP-20W Solar Panel Kit with 12V/24V 10A Charge Controller

The charge controller is exclusive equipped with photocell light control with 1-13h setting time. Turn on the light in dusk and turn off light in dawn without manual operation, 1 to 13 working hours setting according to personal requirements, practical and useful.

The market has also seen an increase in products and people who use them. Publications now encourage those going off the grid but want to stay connected to invest in solar battery chargers, while green living sites tout the clean-energy benefits and cost savings of using as many renewable resources as possible in your life.

What are the benefits of solar power?
Solar power has several benefits, including those you get from using solar battery chargers. They are:

  • A way to handle charging when "off the grid"
  • Solar power is a clean energy
  • There is marked cost savings in solar power
  • Using renewable resources will help save the environment
  • Solar power creates energy independence
  • Going solar is easy
  • Many solar battery chargers are incredibly affordable
  • Boosting your solar power use

Solar battery chargers are an excellent step toward using solar power. However, optimizing your home with other solar energy solutions is beneficial as well. Using an estimate tool, you can weigh the upfront costs and long-term savings of installing a solar system for your home, and find out extensive information, like how many panels you'll need, what the prices are in your area, and if there are incentives available.