Shipping Information

Do you charge shipping & handling?
Shipping cost depends on the product weight and destination.

Do you ship to APO/FPO or PO boxes?
Yes. These are supported by the free airmail shipping and the USPS shipping services.

Do you take international orders?
Yes, we ship worldwide.

How are customs and import tax/duties handled?
Statistically, well less than 1% of all orders have ever got opened by the Customs in customers' home countries. If a package were to be checked by the customs office of the customer's country, customers have to cover for import duties, tariffs, and taxes.
Although the chance of packages assessed by the customs is small, SUNER POWER encourages customers to check with their local customs office for potential import taxes, duties, and tariffs, prior to placing an order. In addition, some products may require special licenses or permits to import (such as high powered lasers). SUNER POWER is not responsible for products confiscated by the customs in customers' countries.

How are replacements shipped?
For lost packages:
Replacements are shipped using the same service the original package used.
For replacement of defective or missing items:
If your order is originally shipped by airmail or USPS, replacements are shipped the same way.
Express orders are processed case by case. Our customer advocate updates you with details.

How come my tracking number doesn't work?
SUNER POWER sends shipment notification and tracking numbers as soon as orders leave our warehouse. Tracking numbers will likely not show any result before carriers have a chance to do an initial scan to those packages.
For Express packages, this delay is usually 1 business day. For airmail packages, the delay can be up to 3 working days

How long does it take for orders to get sent?
Items that are in stock are shipped in 5 to 7 business days.
Items that are unavailable will be placed on back order, and the remainder of your order will be shipped as partial shipments. Please check our web site for the estimated time of arrival of back ordered items. Please note that these ETA dates are estimates and cannot be not guaranteed. You may cancel outstanding back orders for a refund at anytime.
Where possible, we will make every effort to alert customers of potential delays, or offer possible substitutions to the originally ordered item. We send out these by personalized e-mail messages.

What happens if I entered an incorrect or incomplete address during checkout?
How to change the shipping address on an order?
You can change your order's delivery address at anytime before it is packaged and shipped.
Keep your address accurate and complete
Entering a complete and accurate address is crucial to prompt delivery. Incomplete addresses may cause days or weeks of delay when the package arrive at your local distribution hub.
SUNER POWER sends your shipping address for confirmation in the order confirmation e-mail. The address you entered is also displayed in the order details page in your account.

What happens if an order is lost or returned?
If an item is reported as lost or returned to send by the courier, Mpow sends free replacements immediately.
What happens when an order is delivered to an address that is entered incorrectly or incompletely?
Depending on which part(s) you have left out from the address, chances are that your local delivery courier can still guess and make out the full address based on what you have provided them with.
If an item is returned to SUNER POWER due to an incomplete or incorrect shipping address, shipping fees already incurred on the package becomes non-refundable. The fee is based on costs and a staff will inform you of the amount. If a replacement order is requested, a re-shipping must be paid before the order can be re-sent.
However, if a package is delivered incorrectly because of an incomplete or incorrect shipping address, the order is seen as delivered because it is delivered to the exact address provided to us during checkout, and it is not returned to us. In certain special circumstances however, SUNER POWER can arrange a replacement shipment. In this case, customers are subjected to a re-shipment fee equivalent to 90% of the original order total. Again, this only applies to orders that are delivered and not returned to us.
It is prudent to keep your address precise and complete. You may change your shipping address at any time before orders are shipped, via your SUNER POWER account page, or contact us.

What happens if my country's customs rejected my package?
It is your responsibility to obey your country's specific laws and customs regulations.
If an item is returned to SUNER POWER because it is restricted by your country, SUNER POWER refunds your order less actual shipping costs already incurred to ship your order. This amount is usually 20% of order total but can be higher or lower depending on the nature of product ordered. The rest is refunded to you in the way you originally paid your order for, or in the way of store credits, at your choice.If you have questions, please feel free to contact us.

What happens if my package is lost?
Contact us and SUNER POWER will send replacements immediately.
If you have selected USPS first-class or registered airmail, it is common for online tracking to stop updating when your packages make their way from State to State, or from Province to Province.
Call your local post office and give them your tracking number and they should be able to tell you more. Here are some of the common phones numbers:
Canada (Canada Post): 1-888-550-6333
United States (USPS): 1-800-ASK-USPS (800-275-8777)
United Kingdom (Parcelforce): 08448 00 44 66
Online tracking stopped updating for 2 weeks or more
Unfortunately the Universal Postal Union( guidelines instructs that post offices worldwide to accept non-delivery complaints 30 days after shipping. Because of this, Hong Kong Post, USPS, Canada Post, and your local postal system would not accept non-delivery inquiries within 30 days after packages are shipped.
After 30 days have passed, SUNER POWER can immediately make official inquiries against your local postal system. If packages are confirmed lost, we send free replacements immediately.

What is the declaration on shipping labels?
For orders shipped with Airmail Service, category of products ordered is used as customs declaration with a low value.
Unless otherwise requested by customers, SUNER POWER DOES NOT include invoices and receipts inside packages.
Orders shipped to Norway, France, or Denmark are exceptions. SUNER POWER is forced to print the paid order total on the declarations.

What items are restricted or potentially restricted by the customs and/or air mail shipping services?
For customers' convenience, SUNER POWER carries a wide variety of products, offers a number of shipping methods, and ships to over 200 countries around the globe.
While the vast majority of customers happily receives their products in a timely and orderly manner, at times packages containing certain types of products may be returned to SUNER POWER by the chosen shipper or the destination country's customs. When a package is rejected or returned, SUNER POWER takes steps to resend or refund customers.
List of products that are returned/rejected more often than others:
Lithium battery cells (e.g. 18650, 18500, 18350, CR123A, 14500, 10440 lithium batteries, both primary and rechargeable).
Flammable liquids such as e-liquids, perfume, and essential oils.
Note that since these products are classified as "dangerous goods" by the Post Union, they are sometimes rejected by air mail service providers such as Hong Kong Post. Post SUNER POWER do pay attention and pack these products with special care, however, product packaging cannot and does not alter how these products are classified by the Post Union.

In addition, despite the Post Union classification, each postal carrier has their own rules and practices. For example, Singapore Post is officially okay with e-liquids. For this reason, SUNER POWER implements automatic packaging routing that redirects packages to various carriers according to your shipping country and content of orders. This automatic routing is applied when you select the "Registered Air Mail" shipping option during checkout.

Last but not least, while most packages do get through all the hops and properly delivers to customers, of you are looking for 100% guaranteed delivery time for lithium batteries and liquid products (i.e. you cannot accept delays caused by rejects and/or inspections),SUNER POWER is able to ship through DHL via their Dangerous Goods shipping service. A custom shipping quote is required as shipping costs depend on the destination country, and quantity/type/brand of items ordered (which affects DHL packaging requirements).

If you're interested in using the DHL dangerous goods shipping service, please contact us and tell us your shipping country and the type and quantity of batteries for a custom shipping quote.
When a package is returned/rejected due to the nature of the product ordered:
If the package has NOT left the origin country (Singapore or Hong Kong, depending on the shipping method you selected during checkout), SUNER POWER issues 100% refund when packages are returned.

If a package has left the origin country (i.e. rejected by your country's customs/postal carrier), SUNER POWER refunds you your order less shipping costs already incurred. The shipping costs incurred for each order is different and SUNER POWER can usually provide an official proof of shipping paid, upon customer request.
SUNER POWER is committed to customer service and, the above information is written in order to disclose full information to customers like you.

What should I do if something is missing from my order?
Please do not throw away anything, including the order's packaging and the packing list inside, and let us know so we can set things straight.